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Classic Gaming

We haven't forgotten our roots. In the corporate video game business' world, it's out with the old and in with the new, but not here. We believe that the history of video games should be preserved from beginning to end, and to not forget about the kid in all of us including those of us who grew up with the first generation video games and still enjoy them. We still carry the classic Atari, NES, and even Sega games that paved the way for video games as we know them today. They may not be as complicated and graphically appealing as the games we have now grown to know and love, but in their time they were considered a breakthrough and will always be remembered as being the originals in home entertainment.



We always take games in trade (provided they are in satisfactory condition of course) but there are occasionally games we would purchase (although trade would be much higher). Any of the more rare RPG's (Lunar, Chrono Trigger, etc.) Final Fantasy games, Suikoden II, Tactics Ogre, are all titles we are always interested in.

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